Why Recruitment?

Growth Market

The Staffing & recruiting industry is worth $429 billion globally, according to Staffing Industry Analysts’ Market Estimates and Forecast Report, and growth in the sector has never been stronger.

According to the UK Recruitment Industry Benchmark 2017 published by Deloitte in partnership with ASPCo, there was  “continued growth in the UK recruitment sector” with the majority of firms reporting improved financial performance as indicated by increasing net fee income (NFI).

An article in Business Insider indicated 9000 new recruitment companies were registered with Companies House in 2017, bringing the total number of recruiting firms in the UK to a record high of 34,000.  The Deloitte report explains that “while new market entrants inevitably increases competition, it is also a sign that demand for talent and talent search services is perceived to be strong.”

Improving Lives

This is meaningful work, enhancing the careers of the candidates you place and improving the performance of your client companies by connecting them to the critical talent they need to grow their business.  Compared to other products/services you could sell, this is the ultimate “people business” — a rewarding and fulfilling career where you make a real difference and improve the lives of your customers.

Highly Profitable

Recruitment consultancy can be extremely profitable, due to the high placement fees and low overheads.  Combined with very low start-up costs, the Recruiting & Staffing industry is very attractive for professionals and executives who want to leverage their industry knowledge and contacts into a lucrative new career.