A new kind of franchise where the leaders eat last

If you’ve been looking at buying into a recruitment franchise you will have read lots of information, mainly about the companies providing the franchise. How much of that content was about you? Was the focus on that company, and on its stability, experience or offer? Or was it on you, your ambitions, the support you want and what kind of business you want to grow?

If you’ve taken a look around the information on a Human franchise you’ll see it’s different. We’re all about you – your dreams, the kind of work you want to do and the environment you want to do it in.

We want to help you build a business so you can work for yourself, not by yourself. We do this by providing the kind of bespoke and personal support and leadership you want, when you want it, not forcing you into a system built for scale – which by its very nature can’t be personal.

Infrastructure, not interference

We’re building a community of like-minded people who need the infrastructure to support them to grow a recruitment business, but not the interference.

We subscribe to Simon Sinek’s version of leadership, which sees leaders in service of their team, as explained in his seminal book, Leaders Eat Last.

We want to support you with what you need, when you need it, not put you into a machine created to suit us. We don’t mind whether you want to work part-time, only evenings and weekends, around the kids or other caring commitments; we want to help you create a business that achieves the work/life balance that’s right for you.

And if you don’t feel like you need support right now, that’s fine. But running a business can be lonely, so when you want someone to lean on, to throw ideas around with, or to help you step back and assess your options, we’re here for that too.

Tried and tested tech

If you’ve been boggled by the huge variety of software options available you’re not alone. From Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to capture enquiries and contacts, to marketing automation, a learning management system, and applicant tracking systems, we’ve done the trying and testing for you in our own business and picked the cream of the crop.

We’ve worked hard to develop the benefits of a unique multi-level candidate assessment and recruitment platform, Human DNA ™, which you will also get access to. This unique methodology offers almost 100% retention – 96% of appointed candidates are with the same employer after 12 months.

Our franchises are turn-key, all you need to get started is a laptop, a phone and a place to work – your dining table is fine if that’s what suits you!

And our buying power means reduced overheads, with negotiated discounts on office space – if that’s what you want – online advertising and many other business essentials.

And because, much as we love our businesses, we don’t all want to work forever, our model has an exit option built in. Our systems mean your business can run without you, proving it has value and can be sold if that’s your plan.

Start with what – and who – you know

Many of our recruitment franchisees stick to the industry they know, even if they haven’t been in recruitment before. It allows you to leverage your existing networks and contacts, giving you a flying start on building your new business.

So if you’ve noticed that good candidates are hard to find in your sector, if you’re sick of being sent the details of clearly unsuitable applicants, or if you’re just ready for a new challenge with built-in support, a Human franchise could be just the thing for you. We’re building a community of recruitment business owners, why not come and join us?