The power of a team when building your recruitment business

There’s an African proverb which says if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together. That kind of sentiment has never been more relevant to business owners.

What no one tells you about running a business is how lonely it can be. Once the excitement and shiny new feeling has rubbed off, if you’ve set up a business alone you’re left with the grim reality of being not only the MD, but the chief cook and bottle-washer, the tea maker, the receptionist, book-keeper and office manager, all while trying to get some work done that will actually earn you money.

Research shows that 73% of small business owners in the UK admit to feeling lonely. So if you want to build your own business rather than doing it with someone else, how can you access all the kinds of support you need, from professional to personal, and also those essential water-cooler moments?

Essential community

Having a support structure is one of the central planks of a Human franchise. We know that it’s essential to have someone to bounce ideas off and a solid network to help with cross-selling or split fees. All of our franchises are in recruitment, but occupy different niches. So while one recruits for HR professionals, other franchisees recruit for product design or marketing.

Having a similar business to benchmark yourself against, without all of the concerns that might come with talking openly to a competitor or another similar business in your field, can help bring a welcome dash of reality when you think you’re underperforming or that others haven’t faced the issues you find yourself with.

And why reinvent the wheel if you can ask others what they did in a similar situation and get a short-cut to success?

We all need cheerleaders; people who will urge us on from the sidelines, listen when we need to think out loud, and sign-post when we need particular expertise.

So while Human franchises might operate all over the country in different sectors, we’re all essentially a community ready and willing to help one another succeed.

Professional support

In this article from containing nine essential tips for the first-time business owner, the importance of self-development and a professional network feature in the top three.

We’ve created a structure which not only provides mentoring and advice, but creates an instant professional network of people doing just what you are – building a recruitment business in their niche.

Our dedicated recruitment coach provides training and will help you refine your skills, sign-posting to other relevant professional development opportunities. Because when you don’t know what you don’t know, it’s impossible to spot those opportunities to improve.

Ultimate flexibility

You might want to start your own recruitment business because you’ve had enough of being constrained by a 9-5 (or 7-6?) culture. You might want to be the one calling the shots about when and where you work. Or you might want to be able to pick and choose the kind of work you take on to make sure you find every day fulfilling.

Whatever your reason for wanting to go it alone, a Human franchise allows you to create a business so you work for yourself, not by yourself.

So if you want to work from your spare room or dining table – or that café you love with stunning views – we provide all of the infrastructure to make that happen.

If you never want to work another Friday, that’s your choice. And if you want to maximise the use of technology to do the heavy lifting on filtering, assessment and tracking candidates, we’ve done the hard work on finding the perfect tools for that too.

You’re buying into a supportive team who are there when you need them, doing all of the tasks you need, but within a community that still allows you to make all of the decisions. So you’ll have a team to back you up, but still retain ultimate control. Doesn’t that sound like the best of both worlds?

If you want to find out more you can download our information pack at the bottom of this page or call 01709 717212 to chat to one of the friendly team. 



The power of a team when building your recruitment business